Air-Power Boosts Cleaning Power

5 Times More Powerful than a Broom

Clear Hard Surfaces to Grass & Pick It All Up

Peace Broom Blows Brooms & Rakes Away

A “Silent” manual leaf blower, plus a whole lot more: Power, Performance & FUN!

Blow, Sweep, Rake, Pick Up, even Clear Snow from ground and vehicles. Make quick clean up a breeze, adding wind power to every sweep & rake stroke. Peace Broom forever changes the way you sweep & rake. Buy your very own PeaceBroom tool today!

Blow, sweep, rake, and pick up - 4 tools in 1
Blow, sweep, rake, and pick up – 4 tools in 1 – Go from hard surfaces to grass with the same tool.

“Green” manual cleaning device: 1) Leaf Blower, 2) Wide Broom, 3) Rake, 4) Dustpan / Leaf & Snow Shovel. The only convenient manual alternative that combines air-power with a ground contacting sweeping & raking ability that efficiently utilizes the same tool on hard surfaces, grass, carpet, or dirt. Quickly & easily remove debris, and pick it all up. No gas, no cords, no noise, no hassle.
US Patent pending #13854045.