Airpower Boosts Performance • 5x’s the Power of a Broom

Hand Fan Blow + Vacuum Wake Clears More Leaves Rakes Leave Behind


A “Silent” manual leaf blower, plus a whole lot more.

Blow, Sweep, Rake, Pick Up, even Clear Snow from ground and vehicles. Make quick clean up a breeze, adding wind power to every sweep & rake stroke. Peace Broom forever changes the way you sweep & rake. Buy your very own PeaceBroom tool today!

Blow, sweep, rake, and pick up – 4 tools in 1 – Go from hard surfaces to grass with the same tool.

“Green” manual cleaning device: 1) Leaf Blower, 2) Wide Broom, 3) Rake, 4) Dustpan / Leaf & Snow Shovel. The only convenient manual alternative that efficiently lets you use the same tool on hard surfaces, grass, carpet, or dirt to quickly and easily remove debris, without changing tools. No gas, no cords, no noise, no hassle.
US Patent pending #13854045.

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