Air Powered Tool

Step aside, brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers, Peace Broom adds air power for faster, easier, and more fun outdoor clean up. Use Peace Broom instead of a leaf blower, broom, or rake because it combines more power & versatility, and ease of use, without disturbing the peace. Then, pick it all when you’re done, using Peace Broom as a large dustpan. You can even shovel snow, and clear snow off vehicles. Air power makes Peace Broom unique, and it challenges the power gap between brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers. Why use a broom or rake even again, when you can multiply your effort by adding air power to every swing stroke? No need for multiple tools, or sacrificing your hearing just to clear your spaces. Save yourself time and effort while having more fun, with Peace Broom.


Year Round Tool


Peace Broom is truly a Year Round Tool – 4 Tools in 1 – Leaf Blower, Broom, Rake, Dustpan. Add air power to every swing stroke. 3 to 5 times more powerful than a broom. 20-30% more efficient on leaves in grass. Power and control without the noise.

5 Ways Landscapers Win With Peace Broom

Landscapers only carry tools that they use, and need. They already have leaf blowers, rakes, brooms, and dustpans & shovels. Why would they want Peace Broom? What can an oversized hand fan, even with good intentions, possibly do to help a landscaper, grounds maintenance worker, or any other professional that already has the best of these tools?

Often times, a job may be better accomplished one way, rather than another. “Better” usually referring to cost, time, effort, and risk vs reward. To be fair, please never confuse my intention to justify using Peace Broom as a claim that it somehow blows as well as your favorite leaf blower (it cannot), nor that it is always easier than using a leaf blower (it often is, though). However, I do intend to attempt to convince landscapers why it should become a preferred choice that quickly and easily accomplishes many jobs, and reinforces your ability to get things done with compassion for your customers, as well as for you and your workers who need to get the job done without wasting time, effort or money.

Blow, sweep, rake, and pick up – 4 tools in 1

Lightweight and durable, the motions you employ are very similar to that of a broom. Short, balanced, cross-body motions that only vary as it is used to blow wind, and then the motions remain similar to sweeping, only restrained by air resistance, and no longer limited to ground contact. Using walls, just like with your leaf blower, go from blowing to sweeping, sweeping to raking, and back to blowing with the same lightweight tool. Then, pick it all up to bag or put in a trash bin, wheel barrow, or feed it into a monster leaf processing vacuum. Peace Broom will become your next favorite landscaper’s tool.

  1. Save Time and Money by leaving smaller jobs to Peace Broom. Extend the life and reduce wear & tear on your expensive leaf blowers, and on the backs of you and your workers who have to get them out, put them on, haul them around, and put them back. If you have to sweep or rake an area, Peace Broom adds leaf blower power to the job, whenever needed, and it’s quite a good sized debris dustpan, and loader. Clear spaces quickly, quietly, and easily.
  2. Competitive “Green” Marketing Advantage employing a quiet tool that appeases noise-hating leaf blower ban groups, property management boards, city councils, and sensitive neighbors. Where banned, Peace Broom may be your only practical alternative to traditional brooms and rakes. Put your business in the best light possible, and offer cost effective alternatives that are worth paying a little more for, if necessary. You will also be stirring up & breathing less dust, ingesting less blower exhaust fumes, and stirred up pesticides. Being more green is good for everyone.
  3. Be Flexible and Get The Job Done not just for those who want peace & quiet, use Peace Broom anytime, start early and work later without the noise, because it does so much more than just a leaf blower, broom, rake, or dustpan, and on nearly any surface. 3-5 times more powerful than a broom, and 20-30% more efficient on leaves in grass, Peace Broom gives landscapers the power you need.
  4. Get and Keep More and Better Jobs How? By accommodating and addressing more needs of your customers into all facets of growing and maintaining the highest reputation possible, using tools that reinforce that total customer satisfaction commitment, and the best way to eliminate noise complaints and show more than empathy. More than anything, showing that you care makes all the difference. Now, you have that option that won’t send you back to the stone age.
  5. Greater Peace and Happiness will be enjoyed by all. Landscapers won’t be yelled at as often, and everyone will enjoy your work with far less annoyance, even you and your workers will get to hear a few more birds, and possibly hear, “thank you!” a little more often. Seriously, loud noise is harming your quality of life, and has damaging impact far greater than just the annoyance.

As Peace Broom becomes more discovered and used, it just seems to me that this tool should have already been invented by now, but more importantly, it is no gimmick, and it is no wimp. It is also not magic, but commanding the wind with Peace Broom will save you time and effort, and it’s also pretty fun to use. Blow in peace.

1st Facebook Live Video – Wisteria Blossoms

Trying out Facebook Live Video, for the first time. Wisteria blossoms in full bloom are so beautiful. Peace Broom whisks them away with ease, and a slight breeze. Use the wall to blow down, and out from under furniture. If anything sticks, nudge it with the edge and watch it fly.

I Can Make That

So, you think you can make my Peace Broom, over-sized hand fan? Well, the short answer is “Yes, yes you can”. However, I’ve spent 4 years refining and redesigning everything from the type and thickness of plastic, to the shape, to the attachment method, and I feel they all add value that can’t easily be duplicated.

Rake vs Peace Broom Competition

Rake vs Peace Broom Competition: Peace Broom WINS! Moving more leaves, further, and leaving fewer behind. The added “air power” blows and sucks more leaves, where rakes require more strokes, and more leaves are missed by gaps between the tines.

Year Round Tool – Avalanche of Wind

Peace Broom does a lot more than just blow leaves. As a year round tool, you will want to keep it handy for all sorts of jobs around the yard: clear your patio of leaves in seconds, rake & blow leaves from your lawn, clear away debris from garden beds, and load it into a wheelbarrow or garbage can, and you can easily sweep a few inches of snow off your walkways, patio, driveway, and your vehicles, too. You can even use it as a squeegee to sweep away water puddles, or to quickly clear a flood accident, like an over-filled pool or hot tub. Stoke a camp fire, and clear a campsite of leaves and debris in minutes. Who needs a leaf blower when Peace Broom is so quick and easy to use? Brooms and rakes are great, but our added shield catches & directs powerful airflow currents that aid each sweep or rake stroke giving you greater cleaning power. Peace Broom’s ability to catch and direct airflow is even backed by NASA aeronautic research. Rockets and planes were designed and tested using the same principles. The process seems obvious enough. However, the amount of air pushed & pulled along with each sweep stroke also creates a powerful, invisible vacuum that, all-combined, pull surrounding air along with it creating an avalanche of wind. Walls and the ground surface aid to focus & concentrate the airflow you create, allowing you to blow leaves and debris out from corners, away from walls, and out from under furniture. Sure, Peace Broom is great for clearing leaves in the fall, but use it as a year round tool, and it will make your life easier, clean up faster, and you’ll have more fun doing it.

The Leaf Blower Rake – Entrainment

Entrainment: Leaf blowers have nothing on Peace Broom’s ability to add a gust of air, and a powerful suction vacuum to every rake/sweep stroke. Entrainment is the process of not only directing the moving air, but also by sucking in the surrounding air to boost your air power. No gas, no cords, no fumes, no noise, no hassle.