Air Power Blows Harder

Move more leaves & debris, faster & easier, plus it’s so much more fun. Blows brooms & rakes away with silent leaf blower air power. Blow, sweep, rake, and pick it all up, even clear snow.

Featherweight Snow Removal Tool Clears Vehicles, Drive & Walk

Make snow removal easy – all with just one lightweight tool. Clear vehicles, shovel snow, even sweep snow in tight spaces, uneven surfaces, cracked driveways, and pavers.

Nearly buried SUV’s, and trucks are no problem to clear, even with nearly 2 feet of heavy snow. I can’t tell you how many times I shoveled snow, as a kid. I always wanted to develop a shovel that also swept into corners, steps, and tight spaces, and went easily over cracked driveways, and uneven pavers. Seeing how well it functions as a snow shovel, you’d hardly believe that its’ a silent leaf blower. I wouldn’t try blowing the snow with it. It truly is a year round tool.

I Can Make That

So, you think you can make my Peace Broom, over-sized hand fan? Well, the short answer is “Yes, yes you can”. However, I’ve spent 4 years refining and redesigning everything from the type and thickness of plastic, to the shape, to the attachment method, and I feel they all add value that can’t easily be duplicated.